Scoop Review of Books

learning Revolution by John Elijah

learning Revolution
the resurrection
(on forgiveness, memory and forgetting)

dedicated and
in memoriam to
Florence Rita
Ronald Leslie Barrow


Master of Being
slave to fate

Master of destiny
slave to history

Master of faith
slave to priest

Master of wisdom
slave to truth

Master of emotion
slave to thoughts
Master of thoughts
slave to stories

Master of stories
slave to telling

Master of fear
slave to guilt

Master of happiness
slave to content

Master of sadness
slave to loss

Master of awareness
slave to denial

Master of surprise
slave to excitement

Master of anger
slave to outrage

Master of interest
slave to boredom

Master of disgust
slave to contempt

Master of anticipation
slave to obsession

Master of security
slave to exchange

Master of shelter
slave to lender

Master of wealth
slave to debt

Master of diet
slave to process sugar, fat

Master of warmth
slave to generator

Master of apparel
slave to sweatshop

Master of gold
slave to mine

Master of activity
slave to compulsion

Master of aggression
slave to hostility

Master of curiosity
slave to addiction

Master of achievement
slave to recognition

Master of affiliation
slave to status

Master of autonomy
slave to loneliness

Master of solitude
slave to crowd

Master of nurturance
slave to control

Master of exhibition
slave to fame

Master of order
slave to geometry

Master of Dominance
slave to authority

Master of play
slave to rule

Master of universe
slave to electron

Master of nature
slave to extinction

Master of energy
slave to entropy

Master of water
slave to thirst

Master of breath
slave to lungs

Master of land
slave to fence

Master of home
slave to ancestors

Master of time
slave to clock

Master of cycle
slave to routine

Master of motion
slave to road

Master of learning
slave to book

Master of exploration
slave to teacher

Master of labour
slave to contract

Master of creativity
slave to medium

Master of Profession
slave to form

Master of role
slave to economy

Master of sex tant
slave to galley

Master of consumption
slave to market

Master of chance
slave to dice

Master of insight
slave to drug

Master of innovation
slave to tradition

Master of tool
slave to machine

slave pick crop
slave built road
slave carry water
slave chop wood
slave mine rock
slave built monument
slave shepherd flock
slave built temple
slave guard altar
slave bear tribute
slave rear children
slave ferry old

slave write programme
slave connect globe
slave attack enemy

slave of future
slave of present
slave of past

slave elect master
slave buried beneath master

Master of looking
slave to belief

Master of power
slave to power

Master of mask
slave to deception

Master of instinct
slave to drive

Master of Ego
slave to Self

Master of fear
slave to run

Master of death
slave to life

Master of change
slave to despair

Master of prophecy

slave to before
slave to darkness

amor fati

Be well.

John Elijah
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand