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Of Leopards and Mums

Go to Sleep or I Let Loose the Leopard
by Steve Cole, illustrated by Bruce Ingman (Random House)
My Mummy is Magic
by Dawn Richards, illustrated by Jane Massey (Random House)
Reviewed by Ruth Brassington

Go_To_SleepChildren are renowned for “trying it on” with babysitters, and in Go to Sleep or I Let Loose the Leopard, Ellie and Joe do just that. During their testing time they fight mattress monsters, wrestle with wild wardrobes and get caught in carpet whirlpools – the word games are as much fun as the illustrations. But threats of sending them to the moon in a spaceship, getting a robot to zap them with a sleep ray, and putting a naughty-child-nibbling plant in their room faze Ellie and Joe not a jot. But they’ve never had a babysitter who wanted to let loose a leopard. And after that threat, there are a few pages of extremely entertaining surprises for both adults and children.

Steve Cole writes for children ranging from pre-schoolers through to young adults, his previous books including two chapter-book series called Cows in Action and Slime Squad. Children aged 3-6 will enjoy Cole’s Go to Sleep, which is humorously enhanced by artist-writer Bruce Ingham’s zany take on the illustrations. Babysitting will never be the same again. Read more »

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