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Release: Fresh look for Scoop Review of Books

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Release: Fresh look for book news site
Release Date: 10 May 2018
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Scoop Review of Books has a fresh look.

The revamped site was launched earlier this month and has so far received good feedback for its readability and up-to-date ‘book news’ content.

The changes, especially the clean, bright and easy-to-read layout and consistent design, bring the books page into line with the other sections across It also means it’s now mobile-friendly, something users expect in this digital age.

Scoop Review of Books co-editor Alison McCulloch says the move makes the site’s content easier to read on any size screen.

“There’s less clutter and more focus on content.”

Scoop Review of Books went live 10 years ago and features original literary content such as reviews, essays and interviews. The revamp includes the launch of a column featuring the latest news from and about the book industry.

“We hope users will be able to navigate the site more easily, and engage with our content,” says Alison, who co-edits the site with Jeremy Rose.

The focus is now on building up Scoop Review of Books’ social media presence, with post schedules being developed for its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Scoop Review of Books readers who become Scoop Foundation supporters by making a monthly donation can now receive a regular Review of Books email newsletter, which will keep them up to date with the latest book news. is NZ’s leading independent news source with a monthly readership of 500,000 unique browsers and a database of more than 800,000 published news stories.

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