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Dynamic Duo

Little Stars (A Hetty Feather Adventure)
by Jacqueline Wilson; illustrated by Nick Sharratt (Random House, $35)
Reviewed by Sophie Robinson

little_stars_cover_web‘I woke with a start, my head hurting, aching all over… I didn’t even know who I was. Hetty Feather, Sapphire Battersea, Emerald Star?…’

This is how Hetty Feather, the main character in this 5th book of the Hetty Feather series, feels the morning after running away from Tanglefield’s Travelling Circus. In the 4th book (‘Diamond’), Hetty had met a young girl called Diamond. And it is in this sequel, ‘Little Stars’, that Hetty and Diamond continue their journey together.

Hetty and Diamond’s resourcefulness means that the pair find lodgings with a seamstress, in exchange for work. They also create a duo act, and are employed by Miss Ruby at the nearby Music Hall. Life settles into a routine, however when Marina Royale and her troupe of touring actors come to town, Hetty and Diamond have the chance to turn their hand to acting.

Hetty dreams of becoming a famous (and rich) actress, like Marina. Hetty and Diamond join the acting troupe on a tour to London … and on to a happy and satisfying conclusion. Throughout the story, they are reunited with old friends from previous books in the series, including Jed from Hetty’s original foster family.

‘Little Stars’ was just as good as I had hoped, if not better! I really liked how characters from earlier books in the Hetty Feather series appeared again in this book. It was very hard to put this book down, and sad when I had finished reading it, because I just wanted to keep reading for longer! I recommend that you read the whole Hetty Feather series rather than just this book – that would keep you busy for a while. I think if you have read the earlier titles, you will get more enjoyment out of this title. However, this is definitely my favourite one out of the Hetty Feather series … if you like Jacqueline Wilson’s book you are sure to like this one.

Jacqueline Wilson is a popular British author who has sold over 35 million books in the U.K alone. She has received many awards including the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award, and Children’s Book of the Year.