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This Changes Nothing

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate
by Naomi Klein (Allen Lane, $55)
Reviewed by John Lang

This_Changes_EverythingUnfortunately, Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate changes nothing. Klein, who is revered on the far left while ridiculed on the far right, manages to further entrench these perceptions of her with this provocative – if ill-perceived – diatribe on how neo-liberalism and its “free markets” have and will continue to fail us. Capitalism, she asserts, especially the corrosive and corrupted “democratic” capitalism of the United States, doesn’t have the adaptive, self-correcting forces to tackle nuanced global issues like Climate Change.
Whether Klein is right is beside the point. Climate Change is a phenomenon we must deal with now, and Capitalism is the arena in which it must be dealt with, for now. Although Klein has written something for those who already agree with her, what she argues is compelling and largely valid. To her credit, the book is impeccably researched. It’s not so much separating facts from fiction that the reader must grapple with here, it’s more separating the facts from the ideology that will perhaps come – in time – to define Klein’s book.
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