Scoop Review of Books

Taming a monster

Mrs. Mo’s Monster by Paul Beavis (Gecko Press, $19.99)
Review by Lindsay Pope

Mrs Mo's Monster coverAfter reading this bright book for the first time, I wished my grandchildren were with me to share it with. It awoke my inner child.

When Mrs. Mo opens her door to an unexpected guest more than a little chaos ensues. The guest, a rambunctious monster, portrayed as a hairy blue bean-like creature, is more endearing than scary, more amusing than threatening. The mature Mrs. Mo, bespectacled and in Edwardian attire, has the patience and experience to handle the unexpected. Her unflappable manner modifies the monster’s behaviour and, to some extent, domestic harmony is restored.

Mrs. Mo’s Monster shines with colour. The bold, energetic illustrations that illuminate the crisp, accessible text are reminiscent of some contemporary television cartoons. Children will enjoy this book, not only for the story and pictures, but for the stimulus it gives to their imagination while providing a subliminal message on good manners.

Paul Beavis is a New Zealand-based author, with a background in graphic design. His beautifully produced debut picture book, all quality and delight, deserves its place in the stable of Gecko Press who continue to prublish “curiously good books” for children of all ages.

So “Munch, crunch and chew” many times on this satisfying addition to children’s literature.