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RIP Margaret Mahy 1936 – 2012

The wonderful, incomparable, Margaret Mahy is no longer with us. Here are just some of the tributes to have appeared so far.

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RIP Alexander Cockburn 1941 – 2012

Alexander Cockburn was, if it’s not a contradiction in terms, an aristocrat of radical leftwing journalism. Cockburn described his dad, Claud Cockburn, as the 20th century’s most important journalist, and his brothers Andrew and Patrick are both accomplished journalists.

What follows is a tiny selection of the tributes to have appeared to date.

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Telling War Stories

Telling War Stories

Review: Victory At Point 209/Ngarimu: Te Tohu Toa illustrated by Andrew Burdan (Huia Publishers, 2012)
Reviewed by Mark P. Williams

Victory At Point 209/Ngarimu: Te Tohu Toa is the story of how Second Lieutenant Te Moana-nuia-Kiwa Ngarimu of 28 Māori Battalion won the VC during World War Two.

War comics, like historical fiction in general, can either help establish, or create, “truths” of identity or help question them critically–sometimes both–and we tend to imbibe such stories younger than we think, through word of mouth and overheard conversation.

War narratives of contemporary history, perhaps more than other historical forms, demand a strong ethical approach to representation because, whether they are objective realist or more naturalist, they are inevitably emotionally charged.
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Jim Miles: Review of The Color Revolution

Article – Jim Miles

This proved an interesting book to review for two main reasons. First it discusses a region that I do not have a strong background with, the former Soviet republics of Ukraine, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan. Balancing that however is the second factor … Read more »

Three Poems from Best NZ Poems Authors

3 poems from Best NZ Poems authors:

Helen Lehndorf:
A skull, a silk, a skulk

It was raining Japanese rain:
straight down and copious.

My Great-Grandmother always said:
Don’t borrow trouble

which is good advice, but she
didn’t say what to do if trouble
borrows you. Damn her for dying. Read more »

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