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Mike Nicolaidi Book Launch A Greekish Trinity – Wellington.Scoop
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Friends and former colleagues attended this week’s launch of a new book written by Mike Nicolaidi. The event was held at the Film Archive in Wellington. Ian Fraser, a former Arts Council colleague of Mike Nicolaidi, launched the book, watched by the publisher Roger Steele of Steele Roberts.

Then it was time for the author to sign his book, which is titled A Greekish Trinity – Tales from the Book of Michael.

The author, a journalist who is a former chairman of the board of the Film Archive and former deputy chair of the Film Commission, describes his book as “not a memoir, though events from my past and present life are contained within it. Rather I see it as a … devotion or bonded love story, melding fact and fiction, reason and emotion in overlapping worlds of so-called reality and the imagination.”