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Book Release: My Little Geek

My Little Geek Press Release

Educational ABC book keeps parents and kids entertained from Android to Zombie.

Palmerston North, New Zealand – April 17, 2012 – A tech-inspired ABC book for children looks to revolutionise educational books by introducing a fun, geeky twist.

Available from retail stores in a printed version or online for the iPad or iPhone, My Little Geek turns “A for Apple and B for Ball” into “A for Android and B for Binary” with quirky illustrations by Edit Sliacka.

Palmerston North-based parents Andrew and Sarah Spear created the book when they noticed that all their alphabet books were the same.

“We thought, we’ve got to do something more fun and relevant for parents,” says Andrew.

Both Sarah and Andrew’s backgrounds provided the skills they needed to put the book together; Sarah is a former school teacher and full-time mother, and Andrew runs web-based businesses Movie Manager, eTheory and Plethora.

The husband and wife duo wrote the book in between work hours – not an easy feat when also caring for their two daughters, now aged 1 and 4.

“It was pretty full-on with running three companies and raising two little girls – they’re now 1 and 4 but were 0 and 3 when we started.

“It took us about eight months and half of that was writing, preparation and sourcing the illustrations. Then it was another four months or so of publishing.”

Andrew says creating the book was something the whole family was involved with. The pair collaborated on the book with input from their children, and Sarah now handles book orders and the day-to-day operations.

With over 1500 copies sold in the first 6 months, the couple has been “blown away” by the response so far.

The book has also received positive praise from tech industry professionals like Guy Kawasaki, Robert Scoble and David Farrier.

Andrew says if My Little Geek takes off, there will be more books to come.

“We’re looking at developing the My Little Geek brand by creating more learning books in the same vein for numbers and shapes.”

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