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The Extinction Gene

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The Extinction Gene by Robert Gross

— New book reveals that Homo Sapiens may be on the way to joining the 99% of species already extinct

The end of the Dinosaur era occurred about 65 million years ago. Theories abound as to why, and how, they became extinct. The one thing scientists agree on is a catastrophic event is to blame. Along with dinosaurs about 70% of all species on Earth became extinct. Could humans be next?

Paleontologist Walter Perriman discovered fossils that prove extinction events are caused by the activation of a genetic sequence. And so starts Dr. Robert Gross’ riveting tale, The Extinction Gene, a thrilling race against time when subtle changes in the earth’s environment unleashes the gene and threaten to wipe out humankind.

Killed before Perriman could confirm his finding, his best friend and assistant travel to the Altai Mountains on the edge of the Gobi Desert to try to confirm his research. Running for their lives, they are hunted across China and Mongolia as they search for the modern day Rosetta Stone to save the world.

Inspired by an article about the Siberian Accord, The Extinction Gene is set in a real paleontology dig and explores the timely topics of saving unspoiled ecosystems, climate change and pandemics.

“It is important to remember as you read The Extinction Gene,” implores Dr. Gross, “much of it is fact. The settings are real. The political and environmental fallout are very possible. The rest, I hope, is an enthralling read.”

Woven throughout the book, The Extinction Gene touches upon important themes:

• The vulnerability of mankind – we are not as strong or powerful as we think we are
• How questioning what we think is absolute can be the greatest learning tool
• Extinction events – what they can tell us about our future on earth
• Life is short and unsure – treat it like one big adventure

“I hope The Extinction Gene,” Dr. Gross adds, “teaches readers not to believe everything we think we know. Always question the unquestioned. Use your own mind, draw your own conclusions. THINK!”

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About the author:

Dr. Robert Gross holds a bachelors and masters degree in electrical engineering with a major in mathematics and dual minors in chemistry and physiology, and his MD degree from Texas Tech. He also has an MS in public health from Tulane University. He has lectured at medical universities on the use of systems concepts in the practice of medicine. He and his wife live in Amarillo, TX and enjoy spending time with their five children and ten grandchildren.


  1. Heather, 22. August 2009, 23:55

    Great Book!!! This is a must read!

  2. Robert Gross, 24. August 2009, 6:03

    You honor me with your insightful review of my book and recognition of its messages. It has caused my wife and me to move up our planned visit to your beautiful country.
    My deepest thanks to you,
    Robert Gross MD

    Thanks Robert, but it wasn’t a review – it was YOUR press release. So any insight is your own.