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The Poet’s Eyes are Lowered

Poem of the Week: The Poet’s Eyes are Lowered by Ted Jenner

From: Writers in Residence and other captive fauna Titus Books

The poet’s eyes are lowered.
There is a pencil on the table
but there is no rubber to erase
the next line which is quite distinct.

No rest here for eyes staring
into the strip of light between
two slats of a Venetian blind.
The eyes are lidless, fixed between
two lines which keep recurring.

If the eyes would only close
If the lids would only close
to their field of stars in black ice.
But there is no shade falling on
eyes no rubber will erase,
the eyes that last he saw in tears.

1 comment:

  1. Ross Brighton, 12. June 2009, 0:11

    I love this poem. And I love this book.