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Kapa Haka Book for Te Matatini

Limited Edition Kapa Haka Book For Te Matatini 2009

A limited edition publication ‘Nga Tatangi a Te Whare Karioi’ captures the diverse realities of iwi represented by kapa haka groups performing at Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Festival 2009.

Released today, Festival chairman Selwyn Parata described the
120-page book featuring selected groups and their performance compositions – as a ‘must-have’ for aspiring composers and those dedicated to te reo Maori and the Maori performing arts. Read more »

What Are THEY Thinking?


Who Speaks for Islam: What A Billion Muslims Really Think
Gallup Press by John Espositio and Dalia Mogahed
The Crescent Moon: The Asian Face of Islam in New Zealand
Asia NZ Foundation Text: Adrienne Jansen Photos: Ans Westra


What do Christians really believe? I mean is it the inspiring brotherhood of man preached by the likes of Martin Luther King or the hate-filled, fire and brimstone of Dr Ian Paisley. What do Christians think of George Bush’s war on Iraq or the carpet bombing of Laos and Cambodia by previous self-professed Christian presidents of the United States of America? I know, I know they’re stupid questions, stupid almost to the point of meaningless idiocy. So why did I buy a book asking basically the very same questions about Islam?

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the bone people turns 25

First edition of The Bone People
It’s 25 years tomorrow sinceThe Bone People – almost certainly the best selling New Zealand novel ever written – was published.

Keri Hulme recalls the events of quarter of a century ago for the Scoop Review of Books:

Tomorrow – 25 years ago – there we were, stumbling off the ferry, the South Island contingent for the launch of ‘tbp.’ I hadnt seen a copy of the book; my younger brother had never been on a marae in his life (he, and my big cousin, John, much later got lost, gone nightclubbing, and only just made it back to the ferry the next day); Iri’s Auntie Tweet trying to persuade me to wear a skirt (she’d packed several in hope-); the book launched like a waka, with my first wero, being interviewed by Sharon Crosbie…o, it is so long ago, and so many dead in the meantime… Read more »

Three Kiwi Cook Books Reviewed

Martin Bosley Cooks
Random House, $45. Reviewed by JEREMY ROSE

I thought I disliked rice pudding until I visited Istanbul as an 18-year-old. It was my first trip overseas by myself and I found myself in Turkey alone and almost instantly at home. It was the restaurants and a culture that brings a whole new meaning to hospitality that did it. The stuffed peppers reminded me of my mum and grandmum’s cooking but it was the rice pudding that made me think I might just have discovered paradise (no doubt the beauty of the architecture played its part too.) Read more »

Cool Reading

Picks of the Week 13 Feb

By Scott Hamilton

At this time of year, my social life is dictated by a desire to spend as much time as possible in air-conditioned rooms. It’s fair to say, then, that my plan to attend the poetry reading at Grey Lynn Library on Thursday February the 19th isn’t motivated by exclusively literary considerations. But with Jack Ross, Therese Lloyd, Michael Steven, and Lee Posna on the bill, I’ll be enjoying some excellent poetry that evening, as well as the cool hum of air conditioning. Read more »

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