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Latest NZ Books Hits the Stands

nzbooks.jpgThe Summer 2008 issue of New Zealand Books has just been released.

The editorial of the first edition to go on-line and a content list follows.

Going online

Now in its 18th year, New Zealand Books is coming of age. Starting with this issue, you’ll be able to read us online as well as in print. Thanks to the foresight of our publisher Peppercorn Press and the generosity of Creative New Zealand, you can opt to have the quarterly delivered to your letterbox and/or to your computer. Unless, of course, you prefer to buy it over the counter of your favourite bookshop.

The Magazine Marketing Company Limited (TMMC) approached the board earlier this year, eager to add this journal to its extensive stable of international and national journals. These include the New York Review of Books, the London Review of Books, the Times Literary Supplement, Granta and Landfall. How could we refuse?

TMMC’s case for going digital was compelling. We expect digital subscriptions to be especially attractive to New Zealanders and others abroad, readers on the move and those accustomed to finding what they want at the touch of a key.

The print version will remain elegantly black and white, while the online version is in full colour. We expect eventually to have all our issues available online, right back to the very first. And this, in time, will have the added advantage of allowing subscribers to refer to a comprehensive index – by reviewer, author or book title.

From now on, your annual subscription reminder will come from TMMC. And if you want to take out a new subscription, you can either go to the Subscribe page on our own website, which will take you to TMMC, or go directly to TMMC’s site

The annual sub for our print edition remains at $39.95. The digital version – delivered to you four times a year via simple and appealing Zinio technology – costs $24.95. Or you can subscribe to both versions for $54.95.

So … everything changes, and everything remains the same. We wish you many more years rewarding reading, and a happy 2009.

The editors of New Zealand Books are
Harry Ricketts and Jane Westaway.


Martin Edmond: Brian Turner, Into the Wider World: A Back Country Miscellany

Sue McCauley: Duncan Sarkies, Two Little Boys; Bernard Beckett, Acid Song; Gillian Ranstead, Girlie

Elspeth Sandys: Bronwyn Tate, Adam’s Ale

Bernard Carpinter: Paul Cleave, Cemetery Lake; Vanda Symon, The Ringmaster; Cam Stokes, The Devils Are Here; David McLeod, Christ Clone

Hugh Roberts: Tony Beyer, Dream Boat: Selected Poems; Paula Green, Making Lists for Frances Hodgkins; Peter Bland, Mr Maui’s Monologues; Richard Reeve, In Continents

Eric Medcalf: Beth Wood, Ian Hassall, George Hook with Robert Ludbroke, Unreasonable Force

Jenny Robin Jones: “My Brilliant Application” (Byline)

Peter Russell: Joanna Woods, Facing the Music: Charles Baeyertz and the Triad

Karen Hartshorn: Rebecca Priestley (ed), The Awa Book of New Zealand Science

Mary Macpherson: Andrew Ross, Fiat Lux: 51 Photographs; Rick Alexander, Hinterland: Rick Alexander’s New Zealand Photographs; Harvey Benge with Gerry Badger: A Short History of Photography

Peter Wells: “Meeting the Ancestors” (Comment)

Bill Hastings: Chris Brickell, Mates and Lovers: A History of Gay New Zealand

Jan FitzGerald: “Mike” (poem)

Andrew Fieldsend: Alistair Fox, The Ship of Dreams: Masculinity in Contemporary Pakeha and Maori Fiction of Aotearoa/New Zealand

Steve Braunias: Mary McEwen, Charles Fleming’s Cape Expedition Diary: Auckland Islands, 1942-3

Tony Simpson: Jock Phillips and Terry Hearn, Settlers: New Zealand Immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland 1800-1945

Lois Daish: David Veart, First Catch Your Weka: A Story of New Zealand Cooking

Chris Knox: Graham Hutchins, The Swinging 60s: When New Zealand Changed Forever

Roger Robinson: Robert Hoskins (ed), Robert Louis Stevenson: Sophia Scarlett and Other Pacific Writings

Murray Bramwell: Joanne Drayton, Ngaio Marsh: Her Life in Crime

Edmund Bohan: Ray Grover, March to the Sound of the Guns

Russell Campbell: Duncan Petrie, Shot in New Zealand: The Art and Craft of the Kiwi Cinematographer

Rhonda Pritchard: Jan Jordan, Serial Survivors: Women’s Narratives of Surviving Rape

Isa Moynihan: Tessa Duder, Is She Still Alive?; Laura Solomon, Alternative Medicine; Tim Jones, Transported

John Ridland: “Night Song for my Wife to Sing at Dawn, with Ducks” (poem)

Harvey McQueen: Michael Bassett, Working with David

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