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I HATE RAIN! (4 Hone 2-Far-Eh)


Poem of the Week: I HATE RAIN! (4 Hone 2-Far-Eh)

By David Geary

I HATE RAIN! (4 Hone 2-Far-Eh)

Today we did a poem at school
which sucked big time
all about how great rain is
but the hua who wrote it
he went way too far eh – ha ha ha.
He never lay awake on a Friday night
listening to that dumb drum roll
on our rickety-as roof
that means my mousetraps
go cold in the morena
listening to the Cancellation Service
where some cheery-as cheesy radio 1XX dude
tells me – All Saturday Morning Rugby is cancelled
the only thing I look forward to
all week long
I hate rain
all week long.

And now we have to write a poem
cos you’re dead
like we’re all supposed to be sad or something
and don’t start sentences with ‘and’
and ‘cos’ isn’t a word you know
and use your imagination bro
but rain is just rain
and I’ll cry when I want to.

PS: Mum says Hone Too-Far-Eh
is one of those flowery Maori
in love with the sound
the sound of their own voice.

whiti ma Rawiri Geary


David Geary will be reading his poetry on Thursday 23rd October, at the Upper Chamber of Toi Poneke, the Wellington Arts Centre, at 61 Able Smith St.

The event, organised by the NZ Poetry Society, is open to the public, and starts at 7.30pm with an open mic. There is a $5 entry fee ($2 for members of the NZ Poetry Society).