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29 September: Short/Sharp/Script (2)

Five more funny, fast and furious scripts by MA (Script) writers from the IIML are delivered in rehearsed readings. Chaired by Ken Duncum.

Writers on Mondays is presented by the International Institute of Modern Letters in partnership with the National Library of New Zealand.
These events take place at 1-2pm, at the National Library Auditorium.
They are open to the public and free of charge.

Bougainville Novel Pipped to Post


boug_blue_72lowres-7622861.jpgBougainville Blue is a recently published novel set during the island’s civil war. Author Brian Darcey tells JEREMY ROSE he had finished the book before the publication of Lloyd’s Jones phenomenally successful Mister Pip. Darcey lived on Bougainville for fifteen years and believes the civil war can be traced back to a single word uttered by the then Australian Minister for Territories C.E.B Barnes. A Bougainvillian asked Barnes what locals could expect to gain from the opening of the Panguna copper mine, Barnes replied, “Nothing”.

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Book Buyers of America Back McCain

SRB Picks of the Week

Based on the reading habits of Amazon shoppers, John McCain has the presidential election in the bag. The giant on-line retailer is tracking the book buying habits of Americans across the country and so far the only States where books it classifies as blue (as in sympathetic to the Democratic Party – not Tory blue) are ahead of those it classifies as red, are: New York (56%), Vermont (59%), Massachusetts (58%), Maine (53%), and, although not a State, the District of Columbia (65%). Read more »

Images of War: World War One

Media Release

A photographic record of New Zealanders at war 1914-1918 by Glyn Harper

This year, 11 November, marks 90 years since the end of the First World War, the greatest military conflict the world has ever seen. During the war, New Zealand soldiers captured images of war with forbidden cameras that were hidden in their kitbags. Most of these photographs have never been published. Glyn Harper, one of the country’s leading military historians, began a major research project to collect these images, to piece together an authentic pictorial narrative of New Zealand’s war efforts. Read more »

Unity Books Bestseller List

Unity Books Bestsellers During August

Etiquette for a Dinner Party by SUE ORR, Vintage (UK).
Everydays a Good Day by WILLIAM PIKE , Penguin
As If Running On Air Diaries & Journals of Jack Lovelock Craig Potton (NZ)
Novel About My Wife by EMILY PERKINS, Bloomsbury (UK)

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