Scoop Review of Books

Unity Books Bestseller List

Unity Books Bestsellers During August

Etiquette for a Dinner Party by SUE ORR, Vintage (UK).
Everydays a Good Day by WILLIAM PIKE , Penguin
As If Running On Air Diaries & Journals of Jack Lovelock Craig Potton (NZ)
Novel About My Wife by EMILY PERKINS, Bloomsbury (UK)

When Will There Be Good News by KATE ATKINSON, Doubleday (UK)
Doubtless New & Selected Poems by SAM HUNT, Craig Potton (NZ)
Peeling the Onion by GUNTER GRASS, Vintage (UK)
Can We Help it if Were Fabulous by PETA MATHIAS, Penguin
Mates & Lovers a History of Gay NZ by CHRIS BRICKELL, Godwit (NZ)
Age of the Warrior by ROBERT FISK, Harper Collins
Ghost in the Eiffel Tower by OLIVIER BLEYS , Marion Boyars (UK)
Netherland by JOSEPH O’NEILL, Fourth Estate (UK)