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NZ Footballer Writes Kids Books

Media Release
Sammy Joins the Shooting Stars and Way to Play, Sammy!
by Michele Cox
Michele Cox knows a thing or two about football….She is the Ambassador for the FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup 2008, which will be hosted in New Zealand from 28 October until 16 November. She is also a member of FIFA’s Committee for Women’s Football and the Women’s World Cup, and has run her own football academy for talented young female footballers. After ten years in the national team, receiving numerous New Zealand Player of the Year awards, and winning two Cup Finals with a top German team, Michele Cox brings her knowledge and passion for the game to these children’s football books.

Sammy Joins the Shooting Stars
Harper Collins New Zealand | RRP $16.99
When Sammy Banks used her new Comet boots to kick her football into a bowl of custard, she thought she was doomed. Instead, she is given the chance of a lifetime — to try out for the best football club in town. But is she good enough? Will she be able to ignore the teasing? And will she ever be able to dribble the ball past her dog, Splodge?

Way to Play Sammy
Harper Collins New Zealand | RRP $16.99
Sammy has made the team — but can she make the grade? There’s more to football than scoring goals and doing fancy tricks, but will Sammy be smart enough to realize that in time? Will she be able to handle success — and failure? Will her pride come before a fall? And there’s a big surprise for the Shooting Stars: what does it have to do with the number nine?

Michele Cox will be touring New Zealand with the FIFA Ambassador Tour, from 10 October to 24 October.

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  1. Faye torrance, 17. February 2009, 21:09

    The sammy books may be a good idea. But Michele cox is a 40 something single woman who knows nothing about kids! Her lack of experience in describing childhood emotions and experiences are evident. Having met Ms Cox, it was clear that she needs to perhaps get some balance in her own life before she attempts to send ‘moralistic messages’ to NZ kids.