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Sam (in) Hunt for Laureateship

SRB Picks of the Week 24 Aug 2008
:By Jeremy Rose

huntimg.jpgThere’s a growing clamour on the Internet for Sam Hunt to be named the next New Zealand Poet Laureate. Well, if not a clamour a chorus of two; former Listener staff writer Denis Welch took time out from writing his unauthorised biography of Helen Clark to float the idea, and Bookman Beattie suggested the same thing on his blog. The Scoop Review of Books is happy to add the full weight of its not inconsiderable prestige to the call;-). Read more »

The Prosecutor and the President

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
Vanguard, US$27, Reviewed by MICHAEL COLLINS

51y2uil4hml_ss500_.jpgVincent Bugliosi wants George W. Bush prosecuted for murder. There are others who are complicit in the crime, namely the Vice President and Condoleezza Rice, but Bush is the target of this famed former Los Angeles prosecutor (the Charles Manson case) and best selling author (Helter Skelter and The Betrayal of America as two examples). He is undeterred by the virtual major media blackout on interviews and advertising. He’s taking his case directly to the people through alternate media and the internet. Read more »

Talking of the Weather


Poem of the Week: Talking of the weather

From: Doubtless: new & selected poems by Sam Hunt

Craig Potton Publishing, $30.

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Five Books that Helped Make Me a Poet

By Airini Beautrais

blake.gifThis is a tough call as I think to be any kind of writer you need to read more like five hundred books. However these are a few of the books that spring to mind as having influenced me at particular times of my life. Firstly my mum was a big William Blake fan. If I had been a boy it’s quite likely I would have been named Blake. Probably my first introduction to his work was a recording of ‘Tyger tyger’ made in the 60s which was on a nursery rhyme tape we had. When I was a teenager – maybe 15 – I read the Songs of Innocence and Experience and enjoyed it. Read more »

Scriptwriter Graeme Tetley Talk

A rare chance to hear one of New Zealand’s most distinguished screenwriters talk about his craft. Tetley’s credits range from Vigil to Out of the Blue. He has said, ‘I think a script can be beautiful in itself. It can be shaped and it can be elegant. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.’ Chaired by Ken Duncum.

Monday 18 August, 1-2pm, at the National Library Auditorium, Wellington.
Free Entry

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