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Worldwide Book Collaboration Project

Online reseller today announced the world’s first huge scale book collaboration project. Hundreds of aspiring, unpublished and established writers from around the world will join together on 1st January 2009 for a unique one year experiment to write a Novel collaboratively. Not only will they jointly decide all the major aspects of the book, the genre, plot and even the title, but they will write the story.

Thought to be the first large scale project of its kind in the English speaking world, the management will be mind boggling. According to head of marketing – Peter Lihou;
“Bringing together this number of people from across the world creates unique challenges. Everyone will have their own thoughts on what the book should be, who the characters are, what plots and story lines get included, the list is endless. It will be like democracy gone mad as all these issues will be voted on and the majority will decide the outcome.
The key to our success will be exceptional project management, and this is something we have experience in. “
Writers do not need any previous experience and it is hoped that a wide range of applicants will come forward including complete novices and published authors. There is no financial commitment but budding authors must have access to email and the Internet to participate in the project ‘Forum’. …….More/
Not only will all participants share in the glory of becoming published authors, they will receive an equal share of the book and any related media royalties for life!
Those interested in participating should send an email to including 500 words describing who they are and why they wish to join in this unique project. The final list will be announced on 31st December, 2008.

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For further information please contact or visit .
Mr Peter Lihou
Head of Marketing
Rochester Grange
Guernsey GY2 4YW
British Channel Islands

Telephone: +44(0) 7781 132398
Facsimile: +44(0) 1481 240685
Central European Time, British Channel Island of Guernsey

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  1. Peter Lihou, 28. September 2008, 23:49

    AmazonClicks story Project
    Applications to join the project have come in from all over the world as news of the project spreads! Some of the stories supporting the applications are themselves fascinating and I am delighted we will have such an interesting and varied group of writers.

    It’s not too late to apply, see the instructions in the main story for details.

    Another major writing publication will be running the story in Europe next week.