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Speaking Truth to Empire’s Beneficiaries

SRB Picks of the Week 20 June 2008
:By Jeremy Rose

images.jpgThe phrase, “Speaking Truth to Power”, popular among progressives, irritates me. It’s as if those using it think the powerful are simply ignorant of the facts and if only a few brave souls were prepared to tell them the error of their ways the massive inequalities in power and wealth that plague the world would fade away. But I have no such doubts about the blunt and truthful open letter from Bolivian President Evo Morales to the European Union. Read more »

Four Square Meals or Meals for Squares?

4 Ingredients by Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham
Publiser 4 Ingredientes, $25 Reviewed by KATHRYN HUTCHINSON.

book.gif As one who has idled many hours since childhood happily browsing recipe books, sometimes as a substitute for actually cooking, this book did not readily meet my now finely honed sensory expectations. It is entirely without illustrations and wastes no verbiage on elegant descriptors.
And this is as it should be, as the market for 4 Ingredients is definitely those who have no time for browsing, and those for whom food is a pleasure squeezed between competing and possibly consuming priorities. To meet the needs of this large sector of the community, the authors have simplified all recipes down to you guessed it, just four ingredients. Read more »

Technology and Barbarism


Poem of the Week 17 June 2008: Technology and Barbarism

From: In Continents by Richard Reeve, Auckland University Press, $25.

Read more »

Premature Burning…

Misconduct by Bridget van der Zijpp
Victoria University Press, $30 REVIEWED BY SUSAN EDMUNDS

misconduct.gifWho hasn’t thought about torching their ex-boyfriend’s car? Bridget van der Zijpp’s heroine gets the chance within the first few pages of her book, Misconduct — the story of a 40-year-old woman struggling to come to terms with the infidelity of her partner, the man she had thought she would have children with. And that is where the main problem with this novel first arises. Like a lot of the decisions Simone makes throughout the book, she’s setting the car alight before the reader understands why, or begins to get to know her. Read more »

Spectacular Transition in the Pacific

Asia in the Pacific Islands: Replacing the West, by Ron Crocombe.
Institute of Pacific Studies Publications, University of the South Pacific, 2007. Reviewed by DAVID ROBIE


WHILE New Zealand’s 2008 free trade agreement with China may have ushered in a new era of regional diplomacy, the influence of New Zealand, Australia and European countries in the Pacific is gradually declining. The Cold War rivalry between the US and Soviet camps that impacted heavily on the Pacific in the post-World War period has given way to an intense sovereignty struggle between China and Taiwan.* Read more »

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