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Freedom from Our Social Prisons

By Anthony Ravlich

My book, ‘Freedom from our Social Prisons: the Rise of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights’, which aims to empower the poor and marginalized with a uniting belief system –core minimum obligations – is due to be released in June, 2008 (see below). Read more »

Mash and Grab


Popular Potatoes by Simon & Alison Holst

Potatoes, as you may well be aware, are good. This is not only because they are textually pleasing, tasty and of course psychologically satisfying. They are also good for you, at a physiological level. Read more »

Colonial Culture?

Facing the Music: Charles Baeyertz and the Triad, by Joanna Woods
Otago University Press, $45. Reviewed by JANE BLAIKIE

9781877372551.jpgThis thoroughly enjoyable biography springs from a period of New Zealand cultural history that’s been regarded with unease: colonial times.
Charles Baeyertz – musician, critic, writer and publisher of the Triad arts magazine – drives the narrative of Facing the Music in a vivid and engaging portrait of European New Zealand in the late 1800s into the twentieth century.
Read more »

Changes to Authors’ Fund welcomed

Government moves to restructure the former Authors’ Fund and �increase assistance� to� authors is great news, says Society of Authors’ President Paul Smith. Read more »

Ode to a Foreskin

SRB Picks of the Week 23 May 08
:By Jeremy Rose

Collectors of obscure Wellington poetry collections may remember a book by Israeli historian Benny Morris’s father, Ya’acov. It was published shortly before the end of Ya’acov’s term as Israeli ambassador to New Zealand in the 1980s. Truth be told the verse wasn’t that memorable but it contained an ode to one of my school-mate’s foreskin that’s kind of hard to forget. Read more »

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